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Custom made reclaimed wood tables and furniture handcrafted in Portland, OR.

Salvaged Tan Oak

Belmont Salvaged Tan Oak Dining Table

Belmont Salvaged Tan Oak Dining Table

from 920.00

Tanaok is so unique ecologists never really settled on a name for it.  Also known as California chestnut, it actually belongs to the beech family.  

Whatever you call it, it is a stunning hardwood with honey and chocolate tones. 

Our tan oak is salvaged from chip yards in southern Oregon where it would otherwise be turned into pulp.   

We oil to bring out the color, and then finish with 5 coats of hand rubbed poly for a natural but super durable finish.  Tables are fully protected from liquids, food, grease, even heat rings.  No coasters needed, and the only maintenance is simply wiping with a cloth. 

Our Fremont tables feature steel trapezoid shaped legs with leveling feet. 

We can build any size table.  There are no limitations, let us know if you'd like a custom quote. 

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