frequently asked questions


Can I come look at your tables?

Of course, we love visitors!  We are located at 55 SE Main St. in the SE industrial neighborhood.  We are in the shop all week during regular business hours and occasionally on weekends as well.  It is usually best to get in touch with us before coming down to make sure we aren't out on a delivery or buying lumber. 

Do you make custom sizes?

Yes, we can make just about any size you'd want.  Just let us know and we can give you a custom price quote.

Are your tables smooth?

Yes, they are super smooth.  When we start our building process the wood is rough, and can be pretty beat up, but during our milling process the hidden beauty of the wood is rediscovered.  Our tables are sanded and finished very smooth so there are no splinters.  

Are your tables water resistant?

Yes, we finish our tables so they are protected against spills, water, juice, red wine, food, etc...  I have two young daughters who have spilled about everything imaginable on our table and a simple cloth rag will clean up anything leaving the surface as good as new.